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Apr 11, 2020

It's April 1983, and Steve and Garry Are On WLS FM95. Maggie Brock is doing the news, and Rick Moranis is on the phone. A young Anthony DiGiovanni takes issue with Tony La Russa. Since Tony LR is not there to defend himself, it seems like an unfair fight.

Apr 6, 2019

Albert Brooks is hysterical on Part Two of this 1985 show. Oscar fever is breaking out in LA. S&G will be there next week to cover it! Callers say this is the funniest show ever, but Steve is upset because he and Garry haven't said anything, it's Albert!

Editor's Note: Just for the record, I wasn't really mad...

Mar 30, 2019

Steve and Garry are getting ready for a trip to Los Angeles for the Academy Awards. Movie buff, Tom Brueggemann talks Oscar nominated movies. Cute fans outside the studio window. Pat Dahl wants earplugs? Where can Steve get a good bowl of wonton soup?

Tom Brueggemann used to work for M&R Theaters. He arranged private...

Mar 23, 2019

The 10th Anniversary celebration continues with guest callers Jim Johnson and Paul Naktin. John Roach has a top ten list of best S&G moments. Plus, Dan Fields, Maggie Brock, Buzz Kilman, and Stan Lawrence tell their fond memories of working with the boys!

In this 2nd installment of the complete show, the action...

Mar 16, 2019

It’s Steve and Garry’s 10th Anniversary Show! They celebrate with guest callers like Jay Leno, Jim McMahon, Rom Magers, to name a few. Jane the cleaning lady stops by too. There are lots of clips and memories packed into part one of this show. Enjoy!

We will have Pt.2 of this landmark show for you next week....