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Dec 12, 2018

How is it that the two guys who are making the most money for WLS are the only ones working on Christmas Eve? We find out on this 1984 Christmas Eve show. They find out what everyone at the station is doing, Even his Jewish accountants have the day off!

Nov 3, 2018

On part 1 of this WCKG show – There’s a leaf blower making noise in Prudential Plaza. Brandmeier had a 2-hour sound check! Steve goes through his 360 FX machine. He may need a second one! Pete is sound FX hoarder! Plus, should the Bears get Terrell Owens?

Oct 24, 2018

More with ghost hunter-HVAC repair man Norman Basile on this Halloween “Spooktacular.” Norman says he has a book coming out-Occupation Ghost Hunter. They read some of it & take calls. Only in America could a ghost hunter rise to the status that Norman has! 

Oct 20, 2018

BOO! On part 1 of this AM1000 Halloween “Spooktacular” Steve has ben carving pumpkins for the Dahl boys who are completely out of their minds because it's Halloween! The Amazing Foreskin does some mind reading. Ghost hunter Norman Basile is in studio.

Oct 13, 2018

This 1991 grab bag features the Amazing Foreskin, who takes calls. Comedian Mark DeCarlo of TV show “Studs” fame. Then S&G spy on a taping of the public affairs show “Women Today.” Then the boys travel to NAB show in San Francisco.