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Mar 28, 2020

Part Two from Thursday March 8th, 1990 on WLUP FM98 features Richard Lewis at the helm of the Steve and Garry afternoon show. Lots of funny stuff, including a call from Keith Van Horne and one from Debra Winger, too. Richard was in fine form, as is usual. Thanks for listening, and stay safe!!!

Mar 21, 2020

I recorded the open/close Friday morning, & didn't understand if Garry and I were in HI waiting for Richard Lewis, or if we got back on the air the next Monday. I listened at my Nashville hotel Friday night, and I still don't get it, but it's very funny. 

Maybe you can figure it out and let me know what's what, before I...

Mar 14, 2020

Part Two of a live BBQ/broadcast from my parent's backyard on March 1, 2002. Enjoy the general uneasiness that the Dahl family has with each other. I wasn't trying to show off, but somehow it got competitive. Ask Roger and Carol is a definite highlight.

My brother was definitely on his game that day. In hindsight, I'd...

Mar 7, 2020

Steve is live in his parent's backyard, as he in Los Angeles to tape an episode of The Weakest Link (he won, by the way). Roger, Carol and Rick are all happy to see him (somewhat). Lowen and Navarro stop by, as does Third Watch (NBC) producer, Ed Bernero.

We'll have Pt.2 for you next week, and we promise, it doesn't get...