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Aug 25, 2018

On part 1 of this '05 WCKG show, White Sox fever is in full swing. Wendy shows her fake Italian roots. Steve hears that REO Speedwagon is getting paid $75,000 for playing in Naperville! He reads their show rider, & tries to get to the bottom of it all!

Aug 18, 2018

Actor, Kevin Pollak is in-studio. He’s is doing a 25 city comedy tour, & is in town for gigs at Zanies. Kevin does some impressions, talks about his movies, plus his return to stand up comedy. Phil Rosenthal joins them to talk a little Survivor finale.

Aug 11, 2018

Steve & Garry are broadcasting from Springfield, Illinois for the State Fair over three days. On Wednesday’s partial show, Bob Murray from WCVS is on. They talk to a physic. Then an old drunk man wanders by & wants a little piece of The Stever!

Aug 4, 2018

Steve & Garry are broadcasting from the Illinois State Fair over three days. On Monday’s partial show Steve stumbles upon a father & son dressed in fatigues. it turns out they are fans. S&G talk to WVEN DJ Dan Rion, & chat with a farmer who raises cattle.