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Mar 30, 2018

It’s baseball & wine on pt 1 of this full show. The Sox are back at US Cellular Field after winning the World Series. This leads into tee-ball & little league talk. The boys are amused by Steve does! Plus, why did Bill Murray pay for a meal he wasn’t at?

Mar 24, 2018

On this grab bag – WLS AM’s Turi Ryder has been getting a lot of press, & Steve & Garry wonder why! Ask Tommy Skillethead. A recap of dinner with Harry, Dan, with Steve’s parents at the house last night. Tyrone’s new “lady service”, & Jim Johnson news.

Mar 16, 2018

More St. Patrick’s Day on pt 2 of this ’06 WCKG show. Hass John Stroger died or not? There are conflicting reports! Brendan’s heartbroken over Iowa’s loss. Plus, Steve needs confirmation that a 3-in-1 breakfast maker exists! Why wasn’t he aware of this?

Mar 10, 2018

It’s St. Patrick’s Day on pt 1 of this March ’06 show. The Larkin & Moran Brothers stop by. Steve visited Ireland & lived to tell the story. They talk about singer Catherine O’Connell, figure out how to pronounce ͞Celtic,͟ & Brendan mourns Iowa’s loss.

Mar 2, 2018

Rick Dahl is in town for a bit, & stops by the studio over a few days. Steve wants to hook Rick up with a woman. Ask Rick. Rick was a heckler during a live S&G show at the Bismarck. A listener sent S&G a gay porn mag. Dan Falato is flipped out about it.