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Nov 26, 2016

Part 2 of this ’87 show. Bozo’s Circus writer is working for DJ’s. The Osnmnds are in town. New segment-Clown Post- Clown whereabouts. C.U.B. on ComEd’s ads & electric rates, plus the David Horowtiz hostage situation-the media loves to exploit tragedy!

Nov 19, 2016

On part 1 of this 87 WLUP show, a track missing on Steve’s Jethro Tull reissue CD. Richard Marx is in studio & at Poplar Creek with REO. He talks about songwriting & being in L.A. Chet Chitchat sports, & is nine inches really enough-for the deep tunnel!

Nov 12, 2016

Jeff Altman stops by for a visit in this episode from 2001. He has been divorced for 20 years & hits on Joy in the hall! He talks about his IMDB history & working with Rodney Dangerfield. He has OCD & is on Prozac. They talk calls, & talk about drumming & Buddy Rich.

Nov 5, 2016

As Steve broadcasts from Florida with Stoney, the ’00 presidential election is hanging by a chad! Grant Stone from WPBR joins, then Al Franken is on talking about the presidential election. Then a trip to Rachel’s Steak & Gentleman’s club falls apart!