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Mar 28, 2015

Descent from Aug. 1, 1983 - Rick Moranis & Dave Thomas are in to promote the Bob & Doug movie “Strange Brew.” Steve went to John Calloway's going away party from Ch.7 at House of Hunan Chinese restaurant & was not happy with the bill he was stuck paying.

Mar 21, 2015

Steve’s a one man show on this partial Descent from Mar. 26, 1979 - No news guy, no newspaper & phones aren’t on air yet. Matthew Meier was still doing overnights & appearances at Haymakers. Authentic Mexican food in Bolingbrook, & Go back to bed winners.

Mar 14, 2015

1982 St Patrick’s Day: the guys take calls, & Kookala Patrol. Jimmy Piersall “flipping the bird” to umpire Dale Ford at the Sox game, Marcus Palmer wears a giant foam hat & looks like a pimp, Steve is worried about an EKG, and Garry has been mean to him.

Mar 7, 2015

Part 2 of this Feb. 28, 2006 WCKG descent from Fat Tuesday! Pete has stacks of too much stuff in his studio. There's a coverup about missing money from Steve’s Paypal account & his effort for an Eddie Schwartz fundraising CD made difficult by Dew Hayes.