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Dec 30, 2014

On this grab bag-it’s cold out! Jesse Jackson is campaigning. A long fingernail story creeps Steve out. A Chicago Bear calls from South Bend. Also Steve saw a body on the road & calls Johnny B. about it. “Eddie” comes in to ream Steve for a false alarm.

Dec 27, 2014

On this 1998 WCKG grab bag show Steve listens to some jock air checks-all hoping for a job, Shemp gets new interns, plus they investigate the background of Dr. Laura Schlessinger, and a GOB HOMO caller doesn't understand the show and wants an explanation.

Dec 20, 2014

Jeff Altman is in studio. The last time they were together, was at a benefited to prevent Child Abuse. Janet calls in about their recent Detroit trip. Steve wants to know if her sister will be staying at the family house, & is not happy with the answer!

Dec 13, 2014

Studs Terkel and Roger Ebert are in studio promoting their books "Movie Yearbook 2000” and "The Spectator" respectively on part 2 of this December 1999 show. We hear various stories from each. Both Roger and Studs have talked to just about everybody.

Dec 6, 2014

There’s a recap of the WCKG Christmas party from the night before on this show from December 1999. We find out about she-males, lobster claws, and why Charlie Trotter makes fun of his diners. Steve was also looking for some sweet stock tips too!