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Oct 26, 2013

With Halloween fast approaching, today's Descent Into The Archives show features Steve and Garry's favorite HVAC Man/Ghost Hunter Norman Basile. He recounts the details of a the details of a Houdini séance that Steve failed to attend. Steve also a

Oct 19, 2013

This foreshadowing Descent from October 26, 1981 features Jeopardy with the classic "Omar Sadat" answer by Marcus Palmer. He passed out and an ambulance was called. Marcus died six months later on April 26, 1982, two days before Pat Dahl's 1st Birthday.

Oct 12, 2013

Today's show is from summer of 1986 on WLS FM. Let's call it The Summer Of Vacuum Cleaner Love. It's the classic "guy gets his dick cut off in an electric broom bit", a bunch of Eddie and WGN bashing and Garry has girlfriend trouble (foreshadowing?).

Oct 5, 2013

Today's Descent is from WCKG in 1997. Steve returns from Route 66 and the Grand Canyon. It's also time for a sex talk with Pat. Steve visits Detroit for Janet's parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary. Steve saw Garry at O'Hare... They didn't connect.