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Aug 31, 2013

Kick off your Labor Day weekend with part 1 (of 2) of this full Steve Dahl Show from August 31 (hey, that's today!), 2001. It's loaded with prime Jerry Lewis bashing, Michael McDermott love, Telethon excitement and more. The WCKG years are now part of our

Aug 24, 2013

It's part two of the infamous Pete Townshend mini-interview from 1999. Steve and crew are still trying to figure out what went wrong, but there are lots of other items on the docket - softball, teeth, email hoaxes, eBay, office shootings and more. Enjoy!

Aug 17, 2013

Today's archived show is another Steve Dahl classic: the ill-fated 1999 Pete Townshend interview show. The question isn't so much 'Who are you?' but 'What the hell just happened?' It's also another full show archive, this being part one of two. Enjoy!

Aug 10, 2013

On part 2 of this full show (5-18-87, WLUP-AM/FM Simulblast), Boston sells out at Alpine Valley, there's a new WGN radio lineup, Paul Steve and Paul Garry, Kevin gets a verbal beat down in studio, and much more. Enjoy!

Aug 4, 2013

On part one of this two part full show, we hear Steve and Garry talk about cab drivers, Kevin Matthews taking the day off for a charity event, Janet making fun of Steve's boating, John Travolta,and Timmy Skillethead.