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Jun 29, 2013

This is a cassette tape of a Breakfast Club morning show on the LOOP from August of 1980. This was also syndicated on WABX in Detroit. Calls for the "Answer man", needing Snippy scissors, Janet is out of town-Steve being bad, Buzz with the news, and some

Jun 22, 2013

On this Descent show from March 24, 1987 (The Loop FM), Steve and Garry check out some of Spike O'Dell's pre-WGN airchecks, discuss an SMU scandal, read a disturbing Blues News and more. Enjoy today's Descent Into The Archives!

Jun 16, 2013

This descent is from the WMVP era. Steve lets his fingers do the walking with Interactive Sports Phone Sex. He also talks to his Mom & Dad to talk about her getting hurt on a toilet, plus a sleepy Jenny McCarthy in the interview loft.

Jun 8, 2013

These are air checks from when Steve was on W4 in Detroit. Included is a Friday remote broadcast at 2930 East Jefferson (in front of the station), and a hump day show. One bit you’ll hear is called “Bed Pans and Bedsores”. Joining Steve are his sidekick

Jun 1, 2013

Steve and Garry recount their trip down to South Bend, Indiana on a party bus to see first hand the Reverend Earnest Angely experience. The people there got wind of Steve & Garry coming, and they were not welcome there. Buzz was there too. He had to