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Feb 24, 2013

Today's grab-bag show culls great Steve and Garry bits from WLUP AM1000, circa 1990-1991. So grab your bag and listen to them as they're leafing through a lesbian fashion catalog, watching another Kennedy skip past justice, opining on human and animal an

Feb 17, 2013

Did you know that Dennis Miller used to be a comedian? It’s true. We have proof. It was June of 1989 and he stopped in studio with Steve & Garry. They talk about everything from Batman to Oprah. Martin Short, Christopher Guest and Johnny B also get

Feb 9, 2013

Stan Lawrence is in studio with Steve & Garry and he has some black dialect scripts for the guys to read. First they read the white guy version of events, followed by the black guy translation. Hilarity ensues. S&G also get a visit from the “Grin and

Feb 3, 2013

Today's episode is from the Steve & Garry Show on WLUP FM98. The date is March, 25 th 1987. Howie Mandel is in town promoting a comedy show and Steve & Garry are giving away a VCR courtesy of Budweiser. Problem is, Garry announced that they’d be giving a