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Jan 27, 2013

If you ever dreamed about working alongside Steve & Garry at AM1000, then you have something in common with a man named Marty Simpson. Marty is a guy who sent in an audition tape, which Garry dug out of the mail and presented to Steve one day in 1991. his

Jan 20, 2013

Tourette’s syndrome would seem to be a tough cross for a disc jockey to bear. It’s 1987 and Steve heard Jonathan Brandmeier interview a DJ fighting such a battle, who was also featured in People Magazine. Steve thinks the guy should embrace the side and a

Jan 13, 2013

Steve isn’t happy that security didn’t recognize him. People have mistaken him for deliverymen and valet parkers before, but this day was a new low. They thought he was a singing telegram. You’ll also hear a song lyric dispute. Steve thought Janet was

Jan 6, 2013

Steve & Garry were closely following the Gary Dotson hearing back in 1985. They’ve got complete coverage with audio from the scene plus the news of Jim Johnson. Albert Brooks phones in to offer his commentary on what Kathy did to Gary. Albert ties in a

Jan 2, 2013

Richard Lewis is in studio on Steve and Garry’s first day at AM1000 back in 1985. Richard as featured in the latest issue of People Magazine. Garry keeps passing notes to Richard during the show, which makes the comedian uneasy. S&G also take for