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Nov 25, 2012

Steve and Garry welcome Rick Telander to their AM1000 studio in 1989 to promote his book “The One Hundred Yard Lie,” about corruption in college sports. Bruce Wolf is on hand to add his two cents. Rick talks about his run-ins with Bo Schembechler, and

Nov 24, 2012

It’s 1983 and comedian Rick Moranis is in studio with Steve & Garry to play a little Celebrity Jeopardy. Rick brings his “A” game. Steve inquires about the Bob and Doug movie and origins as well as issues at the Canadian border. Moranis also shares his

Nov 23, 2012

It’s a Steve & Garry Thanksgiving spectacular…with holiday bits from throughout the 80s. You’ll hear a very young Pat Dahl share some innocent holiday cheer as he and Steve discuss the first Thanksgiving. There’s a can’t miss Larry Lujack Lar joins

Nov 18, 2012

It’s Steve’s 35th birthday and Janet surprised him by having her aerobics class waiting in the living room when he got home. The drinks were flowing…as was the fun. You’ll hear from Kevin’s wife Debbie Matthews, who calls in to wish Steve a happy and &

Nov 10, 2012

Today’s archive show takes us back to 1986. Steve calls in from Lake Shore Drive. He’s running late because the dog is having problems, constantly messing up his rug. Garry breaks the news that the Cubs have fired Jim Frey and Don Zimmer. Will this to