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Oct 27, 2012

In this Archive show, Steve gushes with his blossoming man-crush on Carlton Fisk, while Garry suffers through the pre-wedding rituals of endless planning, flamboyant florists and more shopping trips than a man needs. Ever. Then there are the other and

Oct 26, 2012

Steve’s in charge of the kids while Janet’s in Michigan for four days. Young Pat Dahl regrets missing the Bozo show the day before, so Steve’s going to let him wear his costume around the house to make him feel better. Steve and Garry were at the last

Oct 20, 2012

You’re probably used to seeing Chris Elliott recently as Lily’s dad on Tami Sagher’s “How I Met Your Mother” (though in real life, he's former SNL star Abby Elliot's father). Well, this week’s Descent into the Archives takes you back to 1991, when Elliot

Oct 13, 2012

A prostitute expose on CBS Chicago caught Steve’s eye last night. John Drummond was pimped out in his plaid sport coat and talked to several escorts about the perils of their industry. Steve wonders aloud what the big deal is about escort maybe it’s time