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Aug 25, 2012

Steve and Garry are in San Diego to catch the Cubs take on the Padres in the 1984 NLCS. After a contentious stop at Jack-in-the-Box, they set up to broadcast at the Cubs’ hotel. Unfortunately, the team is nowhere to be seen. Harry Caray stops by and

Aug 18, 2012

Say goodbye to the King with Steve and Garry as they recount Elvis Presley’s last hours on earth. With moments such as: A reenactment of the discovery of Elvis dead on the toilet. Garry laments giving away his tickets to Elvis’ last Chicago of of

Aug 11, 2012

Dennis Hopper is in studio to talk with Steve & Garry about everything from Michelle Phillips to Easy Rider. There's also a classic ask Janet segment, where she answers questions from callers. And you're certain to enjoy a flashback Steve and Janet

Aug 4, 2012

Always a great guest, Richard Belzer drops in to hang with Steve and Garry, and they take to ripping into major talents like Alan Thicke and Joe Piscopo. Belzer has a movie coming out with Richard Lewis and also talks about his live shows. Jim Shorts