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Dec 30, 2012

It’s just after Christmas and this archive show begins with some dramatic work from Marcus Palmer. He announces that Steve and Garry have been fired. It’s all a joke, of course, and S&G take over. The duo is back from a trip to New York, which they did

Dec 26, 2012

Part two of Christmas Eve 1987, with Steve and Garry. Steve suggests that Cliff should put out a Christmas album and he offers several song ideas. A caller tells Steve about her dad’s heated driveway, the prospect of which excites him greatly. He’d it

Dec 24, 2012

It’s Christmas Eve 1987 and the show begins with Anthony’s 12 Days of Christmas. Steve is held up by building security. He was able to start the show from his car, but now there’s trouble at the security checkpoint. Garry gifted his godson Pat has

Dec 22, 2012

Steve and Garry got ahold of some California chat line numbers back in 1989 and they have fun checking in with party lines, wakeup calls and a trivia hotline, where Steve competes in the 70’s music category. Richard Lewis is backstage at Late Night and

Dec 16, 2012

As they do every season, the Bears visited Green Bay in 1986. Steve & Garry took the show on the road to Lambeau Field. “Hit Man” Gary Fencik stops by the broadcast, as do Tim Weigel, John Roach and Bruce Wolf as Chet Chitchat. Tailgating is in as